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If you've been arrested for possessing marijuana or breaking and entering, attorney Karen Vaughn of Vaughn & Associates, PLLC should be your first call. Drug possession, breaking and entering and assault are the most common charges we fight in Mooresville, NC and Iredell County.

Looking for a drug possession attorney to represent you or a juvenile? Hoping a breaking-and-entering attorney can walk you through your options? You've come to the right law firm. We provide free initial consultations for criminal cases.

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Let us know if you've been accused of any of the following...

  • Drug crimes: Possession of drug paraphernalia | Possession with intent to manufacture, sell or distribute a controlled substance
  • Larceny crimes: Obtaining property by false pretenses | Vehicle theft | Identity theft | Embezzlement
  • Assault crimes: Resisting a public officer | Simple Assault | Assault on a Female | Assault with a deadly weapon | Trespassing | Communicating threats
  • Probation violations: Missing a meeting with your probation officer | Failing to complete court-ordered community service | Committing another crime

This is just a sampling of the charges you could be facing. If you have been charged with any crime in NC, contact us today to start building your defense.